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Dave Peek - Dave Raphael - Kim VanHunnik

!!! 4th Annual Cancer Research Benefit at Key Largo Bar in Montgomery -
10 Feb, 2012 was Great success!!!
There was a great turnout and a record amount of donations.  Thanks, y'all!

--- Holy Strat! ---
(a.k.a. International BeerNut!)
Hans Gerrietsen, honorary member and soul brother of
'The BeerNuts', plays some electric blues with his band 'Brew'.
They are based out of Utrecht, Netherlands, and are shown here while performing live in Spain this summer (July 2009).
Hans and 'The BeerNuts' played together on-stage in
Montgomery and also went on a pilgrimage together to the Mississippi Delta and Memphis during Hans' 2002 visit.
~~Please note that Hans has GREAT taste in T-Shirts!~~

---- BeerNuts "WOW" America!! ----
The BeerNuts backstage with Dewey Bunnell and Gerry Beckley (otherwise known as the supergroup 'America') prior to their performance at the Davis Theatre in Montgomery on 15 February, 2008.  Here we're all shown in a re-creation of a famous 70's picture taken of America with John Wayne, Bob Hope, and Dan Peek (yes, that was Dave Peek's brother - he split from the group in the late 70's).  The guys were friendly, down-to-earth, and very accomodating...  and, of course, their concert rocked! 
Thanks much for the great time, guys!!
(Gerry Beckley, Dave Raphael, Kim VanHunnik, Dewey Bunnell, & Dave Peek)

---- BeerNuts - they're not JUST for breakfast anymore! ----
Dirty, Lowdown, Bad... & Brad -- Two full bags of nuts at The Keys... Doin' that famous (infamous) 'BeerNuts twelve-part harmony' - with only 4 guys!...   Life is good, y'all!

--- The band that plays together...

---- Smokin'!!! ----
14 April 2007 - The BeerNuts crank it up - playing thru that day's extremely stormy weather - at The BreakRoom in Montgomery. This was a combined performance of The BeerNuts, Rong, and friends - otherwise known as the "Rong Mixed Nuts"!  Please check out many more pictures of this gig (and others) in the 'Photo Gallery'.

----  BeerNuts Reunited, Loaded, & Ready For Action!! ----
7 October 2006 - A week after Kim's return from a 15-month MiddleEast sabbatical, the BeerNuts are reunited at Long-Don's Bordello & BBQ.  Obviously someone was not doing their job, though - that glass is not even half full!!  Many more pictures of the reunion are in the 'Photo Gallery'.  (Pictured below: Kim VanHunnik, Dave Raphael, and Dave Peek)

---- 'Nuts at The CrossRoads ----
August 2002 - BeerNut/BluesMen (Kim & Dave R.) near the infamous 'Crossroads' in the blues-drenched Mississippi Delta.  Some folks say they made a deal with the devil - and came back from there full of that fabled BeerNuts sound.  But most folks say they're just crazy...  I'll drink to that!

---- Hot 'Nuts!! ----
The Beernuts yuckin' it up after another spoojalicious, high-energy
gig at Montgomery's 'Cross Keys Bar & Grill' (circa 1998).

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